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Miki is the middle sister of Aki and Neon and a member of Uruha Oto (Sound) .


Miki is a young woman who appears to be in her mid teens. She has reddish-pink hair that fall to the middle of her back, and seems to curls upwards in a few places. She also has two moles under her right eye. She wears a multi colored one piece skin tight outfit. Her left sleeve is short and black, leaving the right one bare.


Unlike the more concescending Aki or more forceful Neon, Miki takes a more middle ground position as the middle sister. She seems to be the most laid back of the three. She is also quite flirtatious at times, and has even wanted to kiss Tokiya in the middle of a battle. Like Aki, she is fiercely loyal to Neon, as shown when she wanted to die alongside her sister.

Part in the Story


In contrast to Aki and Neon, Miki is more of a support fighter in battle. Her main madogu is Idaten. This madogu when worn on the feet allows the user to run at great speeds, even allowing Miki to intercept Neon's sound based attacks.

Miki's second madogu is Yamabiko, a circular disk that she wears on her forearm which allows Miki to reflect attacks that hit it, most notably sound based attacks.

She also has a set of nail-like claws for attacking up close and on her own.

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