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Status Deceased
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Hair Silver
Madōgu Bakuju
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Seiyu Tohru Furusawa

Noroi, the 6th strongest of the Jyushinshu and the 5th of Team Kurenei.


He is large, well muscled man, which is actually a dead body with gray skin and no visible clothing. He has mechanical arms and legs which are able to fire condensed engergy beams. The Bakuju helmet is silver, with matching long, silver hair. Under the helmet is a rotting skull.


One of Jushinshu and the only one given any background other than Bakuju's ability to take over bodies, he fights in Kurei's team, Uruha Kurenei, and loses to Domon in the Final Round after killing all the enemies in his way. Personality wise, he is completely blank other then his desire to move on to new bodies to survive as they decay eventually.

Part in the Story

Noroi was seen in a flashback, four years from the present time going up against members of Team Circus. Acting on orders from Kurei, he killed one of the members, spurring their quest for revenge.


Noroi's main ability is the madogu which gives it life, the Bakuju. The helmet attaches itself to the head of a person, and acts as a virus, shutting down and erasing their memories until their spirit fades. This leaves the Bakuju in full control of a new, strong body. It's main weakness is that if the Bakuju is inhabiting a reanimated corpse, then the body can, and will eventually rot, leaving the Bakuju in need of a new body. Living bodies last and satisfy the madogu longer. Another weakness is that the Bakuju can be destroyed if a person it attempts to posssess has enough willpower to stop the process. When using the body of Noroi, the cadaver utelized superhuman strength, able to compete with Domon for a short period of time before being overpowered. It also used a laser from a cannon on it's hand.


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