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Three Ravens

Hanemaru(Left), Tsumemaru(Middle), Kuchibashimaru(Right)


The triumvirate in the manga.

The Three Ravens(Sanbagarasu) aka The Triumvirate (Tatlong Hangal) are a group of ninja loyal to Kurei, even when he went against his previous master.


Three are low-leveled Uruha fighters who attacked the Hokage during their visit to Kagerō's house. Each uses a madōgu derived from their own names (the Kuchibashi-Ō, the Oni no Tsume and the Hizanu, respectively). They are said to be incapable of utilizing 10% of their madōgu's powers, and are defeated by the Hokage. After their defeat, Fūko and Domon take their madōgu and learn how to use them. They make a final appearance in the final arc of the manga, wherein they act as the bodyguards of Tsukino Mori.



The leader and fastest of the Three Ravens, he uses the Kuchibashi-Ō madōgu, a powerful beak-like, extensible Madōgu.


He uses the Hizanu madōgu, allowing him to fly via wings.


The physically strongest of the Three Ravens, he uses the Oni no Tsume madōgu, granting his claw-weapons preternatural sharpness.


Each of the madōgu are based on well known body parts of a bird.

  • Hizanu is based on the wings.
  • Kuchibashi-Ō is based on the beak.
  • Oni no Tsume is based on the talons.

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